Creative-minded customer support

Winning the problem-resolution game

Anakatech started as a visionary marketing and development company in 2003. In 2012, it shifted its focus to game creation. Today, Anakatech develops original slot and scratch card games and user-friendly gaming platforms.

The company contacted Squaretalk for an effective, secure and innovative contact center software that would help resolve players’ technical issues, gather and analyze data and engage the gaming community.

Images: Anakatech

''Our live integration between Freshdesk and Squaretalk has created an Omnichannel for all our external communications. This saves time and effort to our organization as a hole and benefits efficiency and productivity.''
Philip Kanchev, COO

The challenge

As a game development company, Anakatech deals with sensitive information, like personal data, contracts, account details, payment and financial records, conversation history, etc. They needed communication software that didn’t jeopardize their customers’ and VIP clients’ privacy.

As well as security, Anakatech was looking for consistently crystal-clear voice quality, high call stability and reliable network performance.

Equally important for the company was gathering, storing and analyzing interaction data. Anakatech wanted robust features for better understanding customers, improving and personalizing support, trend forecasting, collecting feedback and managing risks.

Our solution

This led to

Increased Feature Range

Easier Operations Scale-Up

Multi-Channel Communication

Enchased User Accessibility

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