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Zoho CRM phone integration

As a salesperson or support manager, you constantly communicate with prospects or customers. But unless your calls and your data are in the same place, you may not be able to record – or even keep track of – who you’ve spoken to recently.

By integrating Zoho CRM with your PBX system, you’ll have access to tools that can help you make phone calls directly from within your favorite CRM.

Our Zoho Phonebridge native integration pulls call details from the records associated with a specific deal, so your team will always be able to measure each call’s effectiveness and recall detailed information about previous interactions with that customer without having to spend time hunting for it on another tool.

This way, you don’t forget what was said or didn’t know how to follow up when needed as there is no longer a need to go back and forth between multiple systems.

Zoho VoIP with bells and whistles

Zoho phonebridge integration

Making Phone Calls

You can use Zoho CRM's Leads, Contacts, and Accounts modules to make outbound phone calls.

Easy Deployment

Integrate Zoho VoIP with Squaretalk and spend less time managing your phone system and more time growing your business.

Call Logs

Calls, both incoming and outgoing, are automatically logged.

Performance Management

Drive results and learn more about your business than ever with easily integrated tools that provide unmatched flexibility, data and insights.

Call Reminder

Remind yourself to make the call. In the middle of a task? An email, chat, or phone contact that went on for a few minutes longer than you anticipated? Put the reminder on hold and call later.

Detailed Business Card View

Zoho CRM shows information from the record's business card view about the customer who is calling whenever you get a phone call.

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Jay S.
Outbound DemandGen & Sales Development Director
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The amazing thing about Squaretalk is they were able to take something that must be highly configurable, sophisticated and complex and turn it into super compatible and clear software. In addition, their onboarding and customer success teams went out of their way to integrate the solution with the business tools that we are using (including some that it was not designed for) and made sure that everything, to the smallest resolutions, works perfectly.
Paul E.
Chief Sales Officer (CSO)
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The support is first class in case of problems and stands out from the market. If you are a software developer, you either have a very good quality assurance and an extensive test management or just a perfect support. I think Squaretalk has both! I also like the possibility to connect to Zoho CRM. Also, they listen to customers and continue to evolve.
George Z.
customers love us whiteCustomersLove UsCustomersLove UsRead More
I recommend this soft to everyone in our field. Very easy to use, very cheap and easy to integrate. Good CS and tech support. In addition you have excellent stats and monitoring over the performance of the operators.
Russell W.
Director of Marketing
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I spent weeks doing demos on over 25 predictive dialers and Squaretalk was by far the best. They treat you very well and have a great support team. I really couldn't say anything better about these guys.
Steven T.
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Very competitive pricing and support team are always around to give a solution. We have been using it for more than a few years now, and we can say that they are always here for you

If you do not have a Squaretalk account, please contact our sales team

How to build Zoho telephony with Squaretalk (step-by-step guide)

Step 01

Enable Integration

Ensure Squaretalk softphone is installed. Login to your Axiom account. In settings, Enable Zoho integration and click on settings. (Phonebridge must be enabled in your Zoho CRM account before you can use it)

Step 01

Step 02

Choose Users

Choose the users to integrate and Send Confirmation.

Step 02

Step 03


Answer yes

Step 03

Step 04

Check your email

Click continue when you receive the email

Step 04

Step 05


Login with Zoho credentials

Step 05

Step 06


Click Accept

Step 06

Step 07

Go to contact page

You will be redirected to Squaretalk Axiom. Return to your Zoho account and go to contact page.

Step 07

Step 08

Click Call Now

Click the “Call Now” button or phone icon next to the phone number

Step 08

Step 09

Add notes

Add notes in real-time or hang up

Step 09

Step 10

Complete the call

When the call is completed, note follow up tasks

Step 10

Step 11

Zoho Popup

On incoming calls contact details will be shown in the popup window

Step 11

Step 12

Follow Up

When the call is completed, note follow up tasks. After the conversation has ended, you can also provide a brief description of the call. The description you give will appear in the Call's Description field within the Call Information section of the Calls module. Assign the sales representative a follow-up task, an event, or a phone call as soon as possible after the conversation has ended.

Step 12
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Make and receive phone calls from within Zoho CRM with our native integration

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