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How to Become Squaretalk's Partner

Squaretalk proudly offers both Reseller and Referral partnership models:

  • In the Referral Model, you facilitate a warm introduction between a potential client and our Squaretalk sales team. We handle the sales process from there.
  • As a Reseller Partner, you manage the full sales process, though you’ll always have our support. You handle customer contracts and place orders with Squaretalk on behalf of the customer. Comprehensive sales training and the capability to conduct product demonstrations are required for Reseller partners.

Each partnership model comes with a different commission structure. Referral partnerships offer a one-time payment, while Reselling partnerships provide recurring commission.

In the Referral partnership, you’ll receive a one-time payment equivalent to a percentage of the total contract value. As a Reseller, you’ll earn a recurring monthly commission, paid quarterly for the duration of the client’s contract.

The Squaretalk Partner Program is an excellent opportunity to earn commissions by referring new customers to our services. Whether you’re looking to monetize your blog, podcast, or client recommendations, our Partner Program makes it as simple as sharing a link.

No prerequisites at all! We welcome partners from all around the world, regardless of your sales or technical expertise.

Promoting Squaretalk can be as simple as adding a banner or link to your website. If you need assistance with promotional materials, our marketing team is here to help. Sharing Squaretalk’s solutions with your network, understanding our products, and identifying solutions for niche markets are all effective strategies. Don’t forget about email marketing and online advertising to reach potential customers.

Commissions are paid quarterly. Our Finance team will reach out to you directly to arrange payments.

Absolutely! We’ll equip you with a range of ready-to-use marketing materials to help you maximize your earnings. These will be accessible from your Partner Panel.


Of course! We’re thrilled to support you on your partnership journey. Our blog contains useful tips and insights to help you get started and succeed as a partner.

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