Who we are

Our Vision

Here at Squaretalk, we have been a decentralized team for a while now. We believe it suits our international footprint to work together virtually. It is also at the core of our vision to provide a flexible, secure, and reliable platform managing business processes for BPO Contact Centers

Whether BPO teams are remote or on-premise they require a multitude of different software platforms to efficiently manage outsourced communications for their clients. Squaretalk’s solutions for voice, text, chat, and messaging not only provide these core services but are built for integration.

Key to our success is our ability to easily integrate with nearly every business communication software available. Today we are taking this one step further with “Lynx” our graphic-based integration studio that allows virtually anyone to design and deploy complex workflow automation with a few clicks.

With powerful cloud communication tools, flexible solutions for decentralized teams and the ability to integrate easily with leading communications platforms Squaretalk is delivering on its promise to make the world square.

The Squaretalk Management Team and Board of Directors bring years of experience and know-how in product design and software innovation

Squaretalk Leadership

Elie Rubin

Chief Executive Officer

Elie Rubin is the CEO and co-founder of Squaretalk. Elie has a track record of 10 years leading a hyper-growth bootstrapped StartUp and has been a multi-faceted entrepreneur in Israel over the past 18 years. Elie holds a BA from York University Toronto and an MBA from Hebrew University.

Irena Spivak

Chief Administrative Officer

Irena has 9 Years experience as Chief Administrative Officer and Head of Finance. She is a highly skilled negotiator, finance and operations manager. Irena holds a BA from Hebrew University.

Haim Klainman


10 Years experience in software and product development. Developed core systems for 019 mobile including HLS, commercial and peer to peer SMS messaging.

David Ghazy

Director of Sales

David has 9 years experience helping organizations such as Clicksoftware, Zoomin Software & Cloudshare generate revenue and build market presence. Focused Experience in Workforce Service Automation, IT, Virtual & Cyber Security.

Baha Ishtay

IT Director

Baha has over 10 years of experience as Director of IT in various fields such as in SIP, CRM, Databases, Service Management, and Servers. Prior to joining Squaretalk Baha worked for Coolnet and Fujitsu/Siemens. Baha holds a MSc in Computer Science.

We are WFH-friendly

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)


We believe that solid integrations breed success. Every company works differently and the more flexible we can be, the easier it is for us to add value.

Agent Insights

We believe that getting the most out of your workforce requires knowing where each person is most likely to succeed. We provide insights and technology that allows managers to place the right person in the right place and watch them flourish.

Data / BI

We believe there is nothing like data to gain insights into your business. So we provide our partners with data and insights on every facet of their communication funnel.

Team Management

For us this is the future. Call Centers invest weeks, sometimes months training and qualifying agents. Streamlining this process and improving agent retention and ROI will be a groundbreaking value for BPOs.


Every worker who chooses to work from home requires reliable connectivity. This is why we monitor all agents’ remote infrastructures in real-time and provide solutions to improve performance.


Enabling reps to work on the widest variety of projects from home is key to democratization of the workspace. By providing end-to-end encryption and military-grade security we ensure sensitive data is protected at the highest level.

Making the world a better place

Opportunities in the Developing World

Stable Employment

BPOs provide solid, stable jobs in the developing world where this kind of employment is not always available. We are creating tools to encourage and foster this kind of opportunity.

Generous Salaries

BPOs can pay above-average salaries and still offer competitive prices to major international brands. This drives more growth and prosperity in the developing world, a goal we are proud to support.

Professional Growth

BPOs being large operations offer opportunities for professional growth in many areas. Technology support, IT, Customer service, Sales and more. This is another clear road to prosperity in the developing world.

We are fast, flexible, and fun

Team Values


Working remotely requires the highest level of transparency. With open communications between all members of our crew, we foster the team spirit and sense of ownership to drive us all to succeed.


One of our major strengths is our diversity. Sitting in Jerusalem and Sofia we represent a truly multi-cultural team. We speak 6 different languages represent 4 continents and 3 major religions. Everyone has room to excel and is celebrated for who they are.


We strive to create the needed space for every team member to share their thoughts and feelings. We encourage the acceptance of all opinions and are energized by open and enthusiastic exchanges of ideas.


We adapt quickly to dynamic circumstances while keeping the same high level of quality service. We encourage each team member to grow and develop professionally and enable them explore new areas that interest them.