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Squaretalk provides your team with reliable, customer-centric call center management solutions to increase pick-up rate, improve retention and maximize the value of each customer interaction.

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Powerful, intuitive, and hassle-free help desk software

Make Every Call the Right call


Smart predictive dialing

Maximize your team's productivity by calling as many leads as possible.

Rotate numbers per country

Maintain local presence for your sales and customer support teams with the largest coverage of local, mobile, national, toll-free and SMS enabled virtual numbers

Organize your workflows

Invite your agents to work with you, organize your workflows and see what your customers are doing in one place, a lot less stressful for you and them.

Customizable call distribution plan

Adjust your business hours, stay in control of the customer experience with a customizable call distribution plan, and tailor your IVR experience to create the right impression immediately.

Use effective integrations

Grow your customer base by using seamless integrations with unlimited possibilities. Use simple but effective integrations to boost your productivity and performance.

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Reduce costs and customer support stress

Call Center Software That Finally Changes Everything

Easy Customer Support

Use our administration of customer support desk without the technical support

Easy to use

Simple, modern UI allows even inexperienced agents rapid progress

Effective management

Through flexible analytics, you can keep track of everything that is going on in your contact center


Security and compliance are our main focus for our Financial Services clients and their customers.

Financial service teams are constantly struggling to keep up with customer calls but also with unpredictable, unstable call quality. We recognize the significance of quality calls and safety and deliver an intelligent contact center system that provides seamless customer service, engages customers, and scales with your business.

A key role in successful financial services is that good contact center software is well protected and can operate your services at its highest level of technology. Squaretalk is a secure, calls and collaboration app that works on most devices and operating systems — so you can work wherever, whenever with anyone. 


Anyone in the financial sector is vulnerable to digital threats. We at Squaretalk know the significance and all of the information is well-protected at all times and can only be accessed by authorized personnel.

Squaretalk helps you keep all customer data and interactions in one place so your agent can easily pull their information in real-time and thoroughly understand their query, in turn providing the highest standard of support and personalization.

The Call Center Software that Gives You Security and Safety


We understand why

Your Sector Needs This And That is The Reason We Provide

Security and Data Encryption

We understand the importance of financial data breaches. To be a leader in this field you need to have a good reputation and satisfied customers.

Privacy & Regulatory Compliance

We are aware of the challenges you are facing with Privacy & Regulatory Compliance, Data Protection, Data Security, GDPR Compliance, ePrivacy Regulations.

Seamless Integration and skill-based routing

Squaretalk offer seamless integration with our CRM and other business tools.

The most efficient way to connect with your prospects and customers

Conversational. Reliable. Scalable.

Trouble-free installation

Easy integration with your favorite business tools

Security and data encryption

CRM telephony integration (CTI)

Consolidated voice and digital communication

Intuitive tools requiring little to no training to master

We think about your future

We Are Here To Help You Scale Up

The Financial Sector is facing new and new challenges every day. Following repetitive tasks and processes is inefficient not only for your agents but also for your business. Attracting new customers and creating loyal ones have become based on better personalization, time, and effort, which could only be achieved with the help of technology. Our cloud communicational platforms are created based on strong user research and client feedback. This way we would like to influence your future business perspective, and agent development and increase customer satisfaction.

Business Perspective

Building a more advanced and professional image of your business could be attained by focusing on improving and optimizing agents' work to increase customer satisfaction. Technology must be leveraged to enhance strong decision-making by providing data and insights on different topics or issues that are valuable when establishing future influential business relationships.

Agent Development

Agents most important task is to represent the company in the best possible way. To increase their efficiency, automating repetitive tasks and documenting previous conversations will easily create a fuller and richer customer profile. This way the agents' focus will shift to better consistency in the overall workflow, quicker problem solving, and building targeted marketing campaigns that attract more customers.

Customer Experience

The key to a successful customer experience is building up trust and loyalty. A customer who has received personalized service will be more likely to come back. With detailed understanding of customers’ needs, the agents are able to get issues fixed promptly and make sure that customers are satisfied. When customers know that they can rely on their agents, they are more likely to return for future purchases.

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