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The ultimate in flexibility and ease of integration, Axiom cloud contact center gives agents the tools they need to provide high level, personalized service to clients worldwide.

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Easily and quickly integrate our full-featured cloud contact center with your CRM and business tools

How to Get Your Cloud Call Center Up and Running

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A demo call with our expert to understand your business needs and requirements and how our solution can help you manage your inbound calls.

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Connect and deploy our cloud contact center platform from anywhere. It's faster than you think!

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We ensure that setup and integrations with your CRM and other favorite tools are seamless and smooth.

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We don't just set you up and leave. We make sure that you and your agents know how to maintain our system. And if you have any issues, feel free to reach out to our support team, we're always just an email or phone call away.

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Intelligent Skill-based Routing​

Connect your clients to the team with the right skills including language and technical expertise and route them to the right agent based on their CRM profile while skipping the IVR.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Be ready to handle customer calls 24/7 and 365 days of the year with personalized, interactive IVR experiences.

Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)

Route calls to teams grouped by location, language, skill, or any other trait. Data-directed routing refines routing decisions based on information such as customer tier, customer lifetime value (CLV), or other customer specific data.

Call Queuing

Route inbound and outbound phone calls to the next available agent to ensure a continuous flow, so you never have to worry about your phone ringing off the hook.

Queue Callback

Ensure that your customer receives a callback at a specific time number in case they choose to disconnect from the queue. Callback options allow your customers to disconnect while keeping their place in the queue and for you to better allocate your agents.

Workforce Management

Achieve your SLA dynamically by assigning additional agents on the fly to reduce temporary call queue excess.

Easily and quickly integrate our full-featured cloud contact center with your CRM and business tools

Integration Features​

CRM Integration

Squaretalk Axiom cloud PBX integrates with your CRM and Helpdesk tools to keep all conversations connected.

Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)

Connect your CRM and start making and receiving calls from any computer with just a click of a mouse. Share with your CRM all the call logs (i.e., call history, call recordings and call metrics) and any other relevant caller or agent data.

Click to Call

Save hours every day by launching calls directly from your CRM or any web app with simple Click to Call.

Automatic Authentication

Authenticate the caller by comparing the phone number they called from to information in the company’s database and integrated business tools.

Voice API

Easily customize the workflow of your contact center and connect to your everyday tools. Match all historical and live events from your staff within your CRM. Recordings and historical data will be saved under each account or contact of your CRM.

Your customers' voice deserves to be heard

Advanced Call Handling

Parallel and Conference Calls

Place your current conversation on hold and simultaneously start a separate call with a third party or add them to the initial conversation.

Customer Experience

Personalize interaction with your customers by presenting agents the necessary data from your CRM, ticketing system, or other apps. Give your agents the ability to resolve issues faster, and improve the overall customer experience.

Time Conditional Routing​

Apply time conditions to outbound and inbound routes assuring your calls are routed only to available employees during their working hours.

Call Recording​

Meet regulatory requirements while recording up to 100% of calls, Manage and locate call recordings instantly with intuitive navigation, effortless search interface, and quick permissions and policy configuration.


Turn insights into results with industry leading contact center analytics software. Access relevant information either from Axiom or from your CRM to make informed decisions. Understand and target drivers of business outcomes to optimize workforce management. Keep track of all your contact center metrics — such as wait time, missed call rate, and call volume — in one place.

Unlimited Concurrent Calls

Take or place multiple, simultaneous VoIP calls from one local or mobile virtual phone number.

Connect Axiom with a wide library of tools to create custom workflows and automate your tasks

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One of the best telephone systems yet, very cost-effective, great quality, and faster connection help you just focus on the customer.

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Very strong platform with highly recommended services with professional staff. Their customer service and support are really fast and professional, they are following up as fast as they receive the ticket.

Mohammad S., Operation Manager

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