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Integrate VoIP with Salesforce CRM and spend less time managing your phone system and more time growing your business.

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Drive results and learn more about your business than ever with easily integrated tools that provide unmatched flexibility, data and insights.

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Assign tasks and create reports for your team's progress. You'll finally be able to manage your sales or customer service reps like a boss.

How CTI works and best features

How to make and receive calls with Salesforce

What is Salesforce CTI?

Customer satisfaction and sales performance are greatly helped by a number of factors. The most recent technology, CTI (Computer Telephony Integration), is one of the key contributing factors. Even while alternative communication channels like chat, text and social media are more popular, phone conversation remains the finest medium for summarizing one’s pain-point or concerns. 

Using CTI, Salesforce can be connected with telephone systems through external web service so businesses can perform the following tasks: 

  • Respond to incoming phone calls 
  • Make an outbound call with a click-to-call extension
  • Use multiple lines at the same time to maximize efficiency
  • Callers can be put on hold
  • Track the status of inbound and outbound calls
  • Transferring the caller
  • Set the status of your availability

The newest telephony technologies can now be linked with Salesforce, allowing you to connect your telephone service straight to Salesforce CRM. If a customer calls your business, the CTI linked with Salesforce will present data and information about the caller, such as Account, Contact, Lead and extra information.

The following feature is call routing, which identifies which user/agent will receive the call. A screen popup with all the information retrieved from Salesforce CRM account is shown at the same time. As a result, they are able to quickly resolve the customer’s issue and shorten the call durations. At that point, the call is recorded and saved by the cloud telephony service operator, and a link to the tape is also provided for future reference.  

The processes of dialing, initiating, and monitoring a call are fairly straightforward with softphone software. Each time a call is started, the connection links to a CTI provider. Service providers link end-users before initiating a phone conversation so that extra procedures like recording or monitoring can be carried out.

How Salesforce CTI works
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The advantages of using Salesforce CTI

Many organizations employ Open CTI to help corporate sales staff complete more agreements. Using CTI to connect your phone system to Salesforce CRM has several advantages. There are a few examples, such as:

  • Your agents will be able to conveniently make and accept calls by an easy-to-use “Click-to-dial” method.
  • There is a convenient way to get the customer’s information – an automated pop-up screen allows consumers to browse through the customer’s prior Salesforce calls list.
  • Shorter calls, fewer phone lines, and a more businesslike attitude may all help to keep costs in check while also demonstrating a company’s commitment to excellence.
  • Lower average call duration allows the team to process more calls, reducing or eliminating the need for additional employees.
  • Personalized Customer Service – by identifying the caller’s identity before connecting the call, employees may welcome the caller by name, enhancing the customer experience.

Using Open CTI with Salesforce can be a straightforward and productive process for your company and, without a doubt, opens the door to a more scalable and adaptable business model.

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Jay S.
Outbound DemandGen & Sales Development Director
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The amazing thing about Squaretalk is they were able to take something that must be highly configurable, sophisticated and complex and turn it into super compatible and clear software. In addition, their onboarding and customer success teams went out of their way to integrate the solution with the business tools that we are using (including some that it was not designed for) and made sure that everything, to the smallest resolutions, works perfectly.
Paul E.
Chief Sales Officer (CSO)
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The support is first class in case of problems and stands out from the market. If you are a software developer, you either have a very good quality assurance and an extensive test management or just a perfect support. I think Squaretalk has both! I also like the possibility to connect to Zoho CRM. Also, they listen to customers and continue to evolve.
George Z.
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I recommend this soft to everyone in our field. Very easy to use, very cheap and easy to integrate. Good CS and tech support. In addition you have excellent stats and monitoring over the performance of the operators.
Russell W.
Director of Marketing
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I spent weeks doing demos on over 25 predictive dialers and Squaretalk was by far the best. They treat you very well and have a great support team. I really couldn't say anything better about these guys.
Steven T.
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Very competitive pricing and support team are always around to give a solution. We have been using it for more than a few years now, and we can say that they are always here for you

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