Squaretalk softphone for Windows is a free softphone and can be used with any SIP VoIP operator. Call centers or enterprise customers can leverage our softphone to communicate from anywhere


Make and receive VoIP phone calls directly from your PC by downloading Squaretalk softphone for free.

Handy Features

How can a Softphone help your business?

What is a Softphone?

By softphone, we refer to software specifically designated to make and receive phone calls over a computer or mobile device. Along with carrying all the functionalities of traditional desk phones such as voicemail, holding, and forwarding calls, etc., softphones also have additional benefits ranging from increased voice quality to minimal system resource usage and international call transfer.

There are many advantages to leveraging a softphone for your business. This intuitive technology can in fact improve your workflow through the automation of repetitive tasks, all the while adhering to the highest privacy protection standards. It can also help your business grow by providing geographical flexibility and multilingual localization. Finally, softphones can be easily used by visually impaired agents through screen reader software such as Non-Visual Desktop Access.