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The Squaretalk Lynx no-code integration and workflow automation platform turns heavy lifting into child’s play.


Connect all your business apps and build custom workflow automation with ease

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It’s never too late to begin working with Lynx. Easily connect the tools you already use and test out new ones from our library of 100+ of the most widely-used work management apps in the world. Trello, Asana,, Jira, ClickUp, GitHub. Any tool you wish to connect, we’ve got you covered. Don’t find the node you are looking for? No drama. Create custom nodes for your proprietary workflow and empower your teams to do the same.

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A few mouse clicks are all you need to easily map out dynamic connections between your tools in a node-based, visual workflow designer. Define how and what information flows between each of your tools in minutes. Choose from a vast library of integration templates or define custom workflows to standardize your flows and accelerate their rollout. Using our no-code, graphic workflow editor, map out what, how and when information should flow. Let Lynx do the rest, automating the flow of information between your tools and your team.

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With Lynx’s unique, workflow analytics, you can assess how your entire company is actually functioning. Surface actionable insights and optimize end to end workflows. Gain all new, data-driven insights that improve efficiency and save your business time, a great deal of effort.

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What is Lynx?

Do-it-yourself Automation Platform

Lynx is a visual studio built for do-it-yourself automation that allows you to sync data between 100+ apps including Gmail, Salesforce, Zoho CRM, Slack, Express, Avaya, Twilio, and Mailchimp.

Using our intuitive graphic interface you can automate repetitive tasks and connect multiple apps without coding or relying on developers.

With Lynx, anyone can automate custom workflows today.

Let Lynx help you create the perfect workflow for your business with just about any app you choose

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