Spam detector

Ensure positive caller-id reputation while contacting potential customers

Real-time detection and notification when any of the numbers you or your agents use are incorrectly flagged as spam.

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Improve your ROI with spam detector

Confirm Accuracy

SquareTalk Spam Checker employs cutting-edge technology to check the accuracy and ratings of your numbers.

Protect Reputation

By ordering or porting your phone numbers to Squaretalk’s platform, you protect your reputation when calling at scale.

Identify Flagged Numbers

Identify the phone numbers being blocked and remove them from your outbound caller ID until the status of numbers recovers.

Improve ROI

Ensure that your agents are not wasting their time and your money using numbers that will be flagged as spam or blocked altogether.

Intelligent monitoring and management of phone numbers is vital to protect brand reputation

A key to improving answer rates for call centers

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Protect the reputations of your brand or any brand you communicate for.

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Monitor leading spam checking applications and receive real-time notifications of blocked or flagged numbers.

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Increase agent efficiency and ROI by avoiding the negative impacts of crowdsourced call blocking data.

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Jay S.
Outbound DemandGen & Sales Development Director
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The amazing thing about Squaretalk is they were able to take something that must be highly configurable, sophisticated and complex and turn it into super compatible and clear software. In addition, their onboarding and customer success teams went out of their way to integrate the solution with the business tools that we are using (including some that it was not designed for) and made sure that everything, to the smallest resolutions, works perfectly.
Chris G.
Contact Center Performance Manager
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Really attentive Support/Implementation specialist who handheld us through the entire setup and also their willingness to work on last-minute bespoke changes specific to our business needs. They offer solutions to meet some of our particular needs around reporting without trying to push extra development costs.
George Z.
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I recommend this soft to everyone in our field. Very easy to use, very cheap and easy to integrate. Good CS and tech support. In addition you have excellent stats and monitoring over the performance of the operators.
Russell W.
Director of Marketing
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I spent weeks doing demos on over 25 predictive dialers and Squaretalk was by far the best. They treat you very well and have a great support team. I really couldn't say anything better about these guys.
Steven T.
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Very competitive pricing and support team are always around to give a solution. We have been using it for more than a few years now, and we can say that they are always here for you

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