Skill-based Routing, Driving Better Results

Skill based routing

How Successful Agents Achieve Best Results (It’s Not Always All About Technology)

Intelligent, skill-based routing transfers callers to the best agent every time, improving ROI and boosting brand reputation.

You have heard it before: staying on top of the latest solutions available to your contact center is an important element of your company’s success. That said, upgrading your tech should not be your only focus. When looking at the ROI of customer experience, the human factor is at least as important. One way to ensure a positive customer experience is skill-based routing.

Skill-based routing is a call center system (like our Axiom) designed to streamline a caller’s journey. Instead of being connected to just any agent, customers and prospects are routed directly towards the person with the most relevant skills who will assist them with their specific needs. Along with allowing agents to perform at their best, stay focused and reduce inactivity in between calls, intelligent skilled-based routing rids the caller of the burden of being passed on to different departments, thus avoiding frustration.

This approach, also known as intelligent routing, is the right answer to our contemporary need for a customer-centric approach. There are several ways skill-based routing can benefit your business. For the purpose of this article, we have highlighted the following:

It Keeps Your Agents Engaged and Provides Continuous Training Opportunities

Self-actualization involves lots of learning. For this reason, successful enterprises engage their employees in ongoing training. With intelligent skill-based routing, agent teams will get frequent opportunities to come together and brainstorm solutions to potentially recurring issues. This allows them to be more prepared to handle similar queries in the future.

It Empowers Customers

Providing your customer and prospects with a platform to voice their opinion can do wonders for your brand perception. Most modern cloud contact centers feature the ability to record and analyze calls. This lets you increase personalization and be even more specific as to which agent they should be connected to and which additional goods and services they may be interested in purchasing.

It Has a Positive Impact on Company ROI

Following industry best practices is bound to bring in results. Paired with the people factor and continuous training, the adoption of innovative technologies is likely to positively impact your business ROI. Solutions such as skilled-based routing are not only time and cost-effective, they also have the power of leaving customers and prospects with a good feeling – which eventually leads to brand loyalty.


The world is rapidly changing and so are your audience’s needs. In our contemporary landscape, customer-centricity continues to play a vital role in the success of your company strategy. Luckily, solutions like intelligent skill-based routing can bring you closer to your business objectives by simplifying your operations, optimizing your resources, and letting your customers know they matter.

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