Great New Features for Higher Productivity


During the summer, we were passionate about significantly updating our product and infrastructure to meet the highest standards and requirements of cloud-based software.

We are able to deliver these updates thanks to your insights and feature requests. We take pride in the involvement of our customers in our product roadmap and always appreciate your feedback that is being considered when developing Squaretalk products. Those new features will help your business and increase your team’s efficiency.

Here are some remarkable product updates to kick-start your productivity:

Axiom Contact Center

  • New dashboard configuration. Tailor and customize the dashboard to your specific needs and wants. The dashboard configuration option will make your daily work easier and more convenient based on your business core requirements.

New Dashboard

  • Exporting CSV files. Now you will have the chance when creating a user report to use three different options. What is more, you are now able to pause the statuses to make sure the data is formatted correctly!

  • Column shifting. When utilizing our program, column shifting enables you to work more easily and comfortably.
  • End of work status. Improve the efficiency of your team members with advanced pause control and get detailed Log In and Off reports for each agent.
  • Interconnecting Axiom Cloud PBX and Matrix Predictive Dialer within your CRM. Make and receive calls seamlessly within a single platform. The new integration is a game changer in terms of the efficiency of your workforce, driving effectiveness and quality of work to a whole new level.


  • Softphone API. Get the exact data, manage breaks in softphones, and increase workflow flexibility by offering a better agent user experience.

Softphone API

  • Force logout SIP. Managers are now able to log out agents from the softphone when necessary.
  • Feature codes. Now you are able to change statuses directly from the softphone.

Matrix Predictive dialer

  • Advanced filtering by effective calls. Get feedback, see exactly how long the call was and for you to decide the time frame of taking a call.
  • Advanced display options. Now you are able to customize your dashboard and get full power to manage your agents.
  • Call times check. Prevent agents from bothering your clients when the time is not right or outside the preselected time.
  • Change groups in bulk. Save time and decrease the number of repetitive tasks by making multiple changes in your account simultaneously.
  • Whatsapp button. Utilize the number one social platform while streamlining customer experience to real-time discussions and increase support and sales capabilities without sacrificing conversational control.

Whatsapp buttom

  • New KPIs. Get a broad perspective and deep understanding of performance for faster data-driven decisions with accurate data at your fingertips

New KPiS

  • Filter reports by hours. Know what’s happening and when so that you can plan ahead.

Filter reports

Minor enhancements and bug fixes 

  • Tweak: Leads in queue KPi in agent side
  • Tweak: Export to Excel in list stats
  • Tweak: Campaign name on callback notification
  • Tweak: Custom fields in export calls
  • Tweak: Option to transfer callbacks by group
  • Tweak: Option to blacklist numbers also to inbound calls (by advanced setting)
  • Tweak: Option to spy on agents even if on pause
  • Tweak: Times to reports filter
  • Tweak: User ID
  • Tweak: Reset leads_called on list reset
  • Tweak: Improvements of the performance of manual dial and more.
  • Tweak: Show count of filter records in a call history report
  • Tweak: Callbacks snooze options
  • Tweak: Notification to hang up/ busy in the manual dial
  • Tweak: Dates to blacklist tables
  • Tweak: From_campaign in agent.change.campaign n8n event
  • Fix: Restore user data if email exists
  • Fix: Bug with lead info from search
  • Fix: Security phrase on lead profile
  • Fix: Bug with hold in conference
  • Fix: Add username to welcome email
  • Fix: Max dial level 16
  • Fix: Search in selects on import leads modal
  • Fix: Exchange place of filter and search
  • Fix: ‘–ALL–‘ rule in Caller ID Rules
  • Fix: Error in manual dial missed callerid_num
  • Fix: Monitor filtration
  • Fix: Upload CSV file in import leads
  • Fix: Reconnecting webRTC in disconnect
  • Fix: Move lists from one campaign to another campaign
  • Fix: Filter by DNC in leads
  • Fix: Error with login_time in agent login
  • Fix: Average waiting time like avg talking time
  • Fix: Create user – check limit
  • Fix: Live agent checker
  • Fix: Bug with dates in upload leads
  • Fix: Bug in show logs calls reports
  • Fix: Upload leads progress count
  • Fix: Agent schedule report
  • Fix: Wait outbound kpi
  • Fix: Auto reset lists check frequency
  • Fix: Conflicts in snooze callback
  • Fix: Login error & reset password
  • Fix: Disconnecting/reconnecting in agent side
  • Fix: N8n custom fields
  • Fix: Delete lead recycle issue
  • Fix: Restore inbound list on restore campaign
  • Fix: Phone number on the dashboard after hour
  • Fix: “last month” filter in reports
  • Fix: Change “connecting agent” to “connecting call”
  • Fix: Leads Api by vendor_lead_code
  • Fix: Missing recordings and logs
  • Fix: Default blacklist by campaign
  • Fix: Create callback
  • Fix: Lead calls history
  • Fix: Live monitor data

Happy New 5783 Year!

As a company that thinks about business in terms of relationships, we want to take this opportunity to congratulate our Israeli and Jewish clients, partners, and friends on the upcoming holiday of Rosh ha-Shana. May the 5783 be a year of peace, health, and success for you and your loved ones!

happy Rosh Ha Shanah


Stay tuned for future updates!

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our Support or Sales team with any questions or concerns you may have. We are more than happy to help you!

P. S. All these new features prove that we always appreciate your feedback and consider it when developing our product. Could you kindly help us spread the word and boost our motivation by reviewing us?

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