What Is Warm Transfer?

What is Warm Transfer?

What Is Warm Transfer?

Warm transfer is a PBX or telephony technology that allows for the seamless transfer of a caller from one agent to another. The technology pulls all the relevant call data from the first agent and presents it to the second agent as a kind of briefing to recap of the call so far. This sets the context and allows employees to promptly address the issue or escalate/transfer the call to the relevant department.

What Are The Advantages of Warm Transfers?

Among its many benefits, warm transfer rids customers and prospects of the frustrating need to reiterate their issue at every transfer – which in turn leads to a seamless customer experience. This solution has also a positive effect on conversion speed and problem resolution as it lets all queries be handled by the most competent agent. It also fosters teamwork and cooperation between teams and improves internal communication.

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