Predictive Dialing – By the Numbers

Predictive dialing in numbers

You have no doubt heard all about the benefits of adopting predictive dialing for your sales and marketing campaigns. Designed to automatically make and time calls to prospects by leveraging sophisticated metrics, this system is quickly becoming a gold standard for contact centers globally. Beyond the anecdotal evidence of the efficiency of this technology, there is also hard data confirming its success.

Predictive Dialer Statistics

According to a Grand View Research report, the predictive dialing business is expected to expand at a rate of 38% annually between 2021-2028.

Additionally, the report sees a rise in cloud contact center solutions vs hardware, as – along with better functionality and efficiency – cloud-based predictive dialers are easier to install and far more convenient to maintain. Moreover, the COVID-19 outbreak has pushed the digital acceleration even further, leading to more investment in data & analytics solutions for call centers.

Expected to be worth a whopping $12.19 billion within the next eight years, predictive dialer software is bound to shape our contemporary business landscape.

According to the GWR report, this is what the near future looks like:

  • Thanks to the support it provides to agents in handling blended calls, predictive dialing software is projected to dominate the market in the forecast period. This is because, as a customer-centric approach becomes a more and more important element of most company strategies, businesses are investing in solutions to deliver the best customer experience.
  • Cloud-based predictive dialers will continue helping agents to reach a higher number of prospects thanks to features such as campaign analytics, text-to-speech conversion, and concurrent calling.
  • Cloud-based predictive dialers will be deployed by more small to medium businesses, and potentially help companies make the leap from small to medium or medium to big. 
  • It is not just private enterprises that are interested in predictive dialing: government agencies are adopting this technology both internally and externally, equally catering to groups such as citizens or employees.
  • Paired with outsourcing, predictive dialing is going to play a pivotal role in the expansion of the Asian Pacific market, including India and China.

Benefits Of Predictive Dialing For Your Business

Given the impact predictive dialing is having globally, you might be wondering how it can benefit your business specifically. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider integrating this solution into your business:

It will help agent performance

Handling high volumes of calls is no easy feat. Predictive dialers rid your agents of the task of manually dialing numbers by enabling them to reach their prospects with one click. As it all happens in the cloud, the system is very flexible and suitable for a remote or distributed workforce.

It will improve overall productivity

By detecting busy signals, answering machines, and disconnected numbers, Predictive dialers will only route live customers to your agents. More sophisticated dialers will also use intelligent algorithms to route calls to the agents most qualified to answer them, thus providing a significant boost in the quality of your customer interactions.

It will widen your prospect pool

Outbound call automation will help your company reach out to a broader number of prospects whilst also keeping an updated call list. This will allow your agents to make the most of their time and take numbers on and off their list based on their availability and the likelihood of a positive outcome. It will also help maintain a good brand reputation by identifying those people who do not wish to be called.

It will help you make the best decisions for your outbound campaign

Your outbound campaign needs are not set in stone. The metric and analytics-based approach of predictive dialing can help you keep track of your performance and increase or decrease your call volume depending on specific variables.

The numbers speak for themselves: in our rapidly evolving business scenario, predictive dialing is the way of the future. As most companies are likely to adopt this dialing system to increase their chances of success, it is now time to consider how it can bring you closer to your own business objectives.

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