Squaretalk Joins a Growing List of Businesses Supporting Ukraine

Squaretalk supports Ukraine

Squaretalk today announced publicly that it had donated to the Ukrainian army to support the people of Ukraine in its fight for the values of the civilized and democratic world. Squaretalk expresses its solidarity with the people of Ukraine who are experiencing the repercussions and the people of Russia who will be affected.

The war between Russia and Ukraine is still happening, and the situation is evolving fast. The Ukrainian army is fighting for their country, but they are not fighting alone. Not only volunteers from all over the world are joining the fight. The war in Ukraine has prompted other nations’ startups and tech giants to make a statement. Some of them are restricting access to their products for Russian clients. Others support the Ukrainian military or donate to charities helping citizens and refugees.

“Many of us at Squaretalk are experiencing feelings that are too difficult to articulate as the situation in Ukraine worsens. Contributing to the Ukrainian army and the people of Ukraine is important since Squaretalk values the principles of Freedom, Prosperity and Peace. We have numerous partners in Ukraine, as well as some well-known tech vendors such as Jerasoft, an IoT and Wholesale billing solution, NocService, a team with expertise in network and IT technologies led by Sergii Smitiienko, and of course numerous of our team members working from Israel that still have families living in Kharkiv, Kyiv, Odesa and other Ukrainian cities suffering from Russian bombs and missiles. We are observing the current events in Ukraine with tremendous concern for the safety of the Ukrainian people and pray for a quick return to peace,” said Elie Rubin, CEO of Squaretalk.

Read the full press release here.

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