What is BPO (Business Process Outsourcing)?


A business process outsourcer (BPO) is a third-party service hired by a company to handle specific operations. Some of the most popular tasks BPOs handle for corporations are Human resources management, payroll, accounting, and customer communications. Whether on or off-shore, BPO call centers are responsible for handling inbound and outbound communications on behalf of other organizations.

When is BPO used? 

Relying on outsourcing is particularly beneficial to businesses lacking the bandwidth to answer a high volume of calls and execute complex marketing campaigns. BPOs hire and train experts who use advanced systems and processes, optimizing brand communication and boosting brand reputation.  Besides helping to provide outstanding levels of customer support, BPOs can be used for order processing, market research, product dispatch, and more.

What is the Benefit of using a BPO?

BPOs offer stable, well-paying jobs and often provide their employees with training programs to improve their skillsets. Leveraging the latest communication technologies, BPOs can locate themselves virtually anywhere worldwide. This enables them to hire a diverse team of agents that match the culture of the customers they are calling for a more competitive price and more easily provide 24-hour support. 

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