What is an API?

What is API

Application programming interface (API) is software for connecting computers or computer programs. It is designed to simplify access to a given operation by mediating the communication between two or more applications. To put it simply, it lets two applications communicate with each other.

How Does API work? 

API can be seen as the messenger carrying a user’s request to the system and reporting the system’s response back to the user. Despite being a sophisticated concept to some, millions of people interact with API on a daily basis. In fact, API is the force behind popular search engines, flight reservation systems, and AI-driven software applications for the delivery of automatic messages

Leveraging API for Growth

There are several ways contact centers can benefit from API. From an infrastructure point of view, contact centers can use API to integrate advanced software to drive workforce management, omnichannel communication, workflow automation, advanced AI functionality, and more.

APIs can also rid agents of a significant share of repetitive admin tasks, and speed up communication between the company and its audience. Finally, API can improve customer satisfaction by empowering users with a range of friendly self-service options designed to solve issues without the agent’s assistance.

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