What is DNC Compliance?

What is DNC?

What is DNC?

The Do Not Call (DNC) registry is a list of consumers who have restricted their availability to receive marketing calls. Keeping such lists is a fairly common practice in many countries, making compliance to DNC a very important part of most businesses’ strategies. In the US, for example, strict adherence to the registry is enforced by the Federal Trade Commission, which deems it illegal for companies to contact numbers that do not wish to be reached.

Why is DNC Compliance Important?

Failing to respect consumer boundaries can not only have legal and financial repercussions on a business, but it can also potentially harm brand image and reputation. For this reason, it has become important for contact centers to carefully maintain and continually update their DNC lists. Thanks to modern technologies, organizations can mitigate the risk of breaching DNC rules by employing tools designed to easily access, import, customize, and update DNC numbers.

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