New TCPA Rules in Florida: What You Need to Know

July 2021 started with important news for contact centers working within the United States.

In fact, Florida’s SB 1120, also known as the state’s mini-TCPA, significantly amends the previous Telemarketing act. To avoid violations that could cost businesses up to $1500 in fines, it is crucial to take notice of some changes. 

Said changes will apply to all calls to landline or mobile numbers with a Florida area code, regardless of whether the called party is physically in the State. 


Key points in SB 1120 regulations are the following:


  • Written consent by the receiver will be needed for all outbound marketing calls. These restrictions are extended to auto-dial and robocalls. 
  • Under Florida’s SB 1120, the definition of auto-dialer is extended to any automated system designed for automated dialing and/or playing of an automated message. In light of these changes, businesses should check whether this broader definition applies to them.
  • Hour restrictions are also to be taken into account. Contact centers will dispose of a 12-hour window to reach out to their prospects – namely, 8 am to 8 pm. Please note that the State of Florida spans between two time zones: Eastern and Central. 
  • Further restrictions also apply to the number of calls that can be made during a 24-hour period. Under the act, businesses will only be allowed three calls no matter what phone number is being used.  
  • Soliciting the purchase of a product or service to consumers or collecting relevant private information to be used for marketing purposes will no longer be possible.


What does Florida’s mini-TCPA mean for your business?

Along with costly fines, wittingly or unwittingly violating the new rules can result in companies being denied all business activity in Florida. Furthermore, SB 1120 violations even apply to pre-existing business relationships and to all Florida residents, no matter their Do Not Call status. 

On the other hand, Florida’s decision-makers emphasize that, whilst these new regulations will concern the vast majority of organizations, debt collectors and account-servicing calls will not be restricted.

Overlooking SB 1120 rules can potentially lead to preventable monetary loss. Luckily, there is effective and affordable software specifically designed to ensure compliance.

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