New Partnership: Squaretalk and STN

New Partnership: Squaretalk and STN

Squaretalk, a leading provider of professional cloud platform solutions and STN (Swift Telephone Network), a company devoted to offering time-effective and quality telecom services, came together to extend their views and services on VoIP implementation.

The immediate connection between the two companies came forward when STN’s efficient and valuable telecom services matched with Squatetalk’s adaptable and functional call center platform to provide a more time-effective and saving solution and create an immersive experience for both customers and employees. Squaretalk’s main goal has consistently been delivering exceptional service by providing various telephony solutions that greatly favor multiple businesses. What is more, their impact aims to satisfy customers’ needs and wishes to their full extent by delivering individualized services and increasing the potential of each agent or sales reps.

Read the full press release here.

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