Predictive dialers vs Progressive dialers – What you should know

Predictive dialer

Independently from their specific objectives, call centers are always on the lookout for ways to improve productivity. To this end, most organizations are now relying on automatic dialers to optimize their outbound call operations. As there is a wide variety of automated platforms, it is important to select the one that is most suited to your individual needs. Among the most popular systems, we find predictive and progressive dialers. 

Predictive dialers

Thanks to a delicate balance of algorithms and accuracy, predictive dialers are the most helpful when it comes to handling high volumes of outbound calls. The system is set up to automatically call several numbers at once and connect with new customers on a first-come-first-serve basis. By estimating the average length of all communications, predictive dialers are able to know when an agent will be free to talk to the next customer and connect them accordingly. This ensures agents are virtually always engaged and there is an optimal pause between calls. Moreover, the dialer also keeps track of which calls go unanswered to regulate callback workflow. 

The advantages of this innovative solution are clear as better time management inevitably translates into increased productivity. Furthermore, connecting with more prospects will mean higher chances of conversion.

Progressive dialers

Similarly, progressive dialing is an automated system designed to reduce the gap in between calls but is set up to make one call at a time and only after an agent becomes available. This allows employees to quickly connect with customers, improving their potential for conversion while also avoiding the inconvenience of delayed or deterred communication. 

The main focus of progressive dialing is to mitigate call abandonment rates and provide a more personalized experience for your prospects resulting in a pleasant exchange with increased possibility for success.

The best choice for your business 

Ultimately, the choice between a predictive and progressive dialer will depend on your desired business or campaign outcomes. While both systems help to maximize productivity by tightening the inactivity gap in between calls, predictive dialers allow for increased call volumes whilst progressive dialers are more focused on providing a seamless customer experience.

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