Squaretalk Triumphs in ISO 27001 Surveillance Audit

Squaretalk ISO by RINA

In a notable stride towards ensuring the utmost information security, Squaretalk proudly announces the successful completion of its ISO 27001 surveillance audit. The international ISO/IEC 27001 standard is renowned for its comprehensive framework in managing information security, emphasizing an organization’s commitment to safeguarding its client and internal data.

How Did The Audit Go?

The audit was characterized not just by its outcomes but by the positive and collaborative spirit in which it was conducted. Squaretalk Sofia’s proactive approach and unwavering commitment to information security were evident, fostering an atmosphere of mutual respect and understanding with the auditors.

While the audit affirmed the robust processes in place, it also provided minor recommendations to further enhance the system. These suggestions, encapsulating minor tweaks, are seen as opportunities for continuous improvement, ensuring that the organization’s practices remain agile and responsive.

What Is RINA?

RINA is one of world leaders in certification, testing, classification and inspection services with a network of 200 offices in 70 countries worldwide. RINA is recognized by the European Commission, the European Maritime Safety Agency, United Nations, the national accreditation bodies of Italy and USA and many other global institutions.

The validation from such prestigious bodies stands as a testament to RINA’s commitment to maintaining the highest standards in their audit and consultancy roles. As Squaretalk continues its journey in information security excellence, the team remains ever-eager to uphold and even surpass the benchmarks set by international standards.

Additional Information

Click here to read the press release and what Sonya Marinova, Business Development Manager at RINA Bulgaria, said about Squaretalk’s audit.

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