What is SMS for Business?

Also known as text messaging, SMS (Short Message Service) is a communication channel between two mobile devices or between a mobile device and the internet. Initially meant for exchanges of up to 160 characters, this technology has now evolved to support up to 1600.

Is SMS secure?

Whilst not encrypted, SMS is considered an overall secure means of communication. For this reason, text messaging has become the go-to channel for two-factor authentication as well as being a popular tool for marketing campaigns across all industries.

SMS Integrations

Flexibility is among the most attractive features of this technology. SMS can be integrated with other platforms, allowing for a smooth and secure customer experience thanks to message-delivery tracking and two-factor authentication (2FA). Integration can also be leveraged to improve marketing campaigns as well as manage financial reports, call-back meeting reminders, and more.

Importance of SMS Business Communication

According to a study by business software and services review G2, by the end of last year, close to 48.7 million consumers would have willingly opted-in to receive SMS communications from their favorite brands, a number that reflects the effectiveness of text marketing with SMS open rates as high as 98%. Moreover, the research findings state that 60% of customers want to actively text businesses back about customer support issues and 83% of customers want to receive appointment reminders via text. However, only 20% of businesses offer this service, which is why it is essential for companies wanting to thrive to offer a simple, slick and effective messaging service to their customers.

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