11 Top Saas Tools For Closing More Deals

In today’s digital-centric world, Software as a Service (SaaS) has become indispensable for business optimization and customer satisfaction. By creating a more productive and efficient digital framework for businesses and consumers to access various forms of service, support, or site navigation, SaaS tools allow for a more success-driven approach.

SaaS tools encompass a broad spectrum of different productivity and digital service tools, such as storage platforms like Google Drive or video conferencing applications like Zoom. But in this guide, we’re going to focus on the SaaS tools that help call center agents close deals and drive repeat business in a consistent and productive way.

What are SaaS tools?

SaaS tools are essentially cloud-based apps designed to improve the efficiency and success of a business. They can focus on a wide variety of different tasks and operations, including call center support, customer services, finance tracking, automated marketing campaigns, and many other essential
business processes.

SaaS tools help businesses save time, money, and effort while producing the best results possible for both customers and the corporations they subscribe to. These tools have become hugely popular, with the SaaS market expected to reach $232 billion by 2024.

SaaS tools can also make your business more successful by helping it close more deals. Many of the SaaS tools now available streamline and improve the customer experience, inviting them to return and drive repeat business.

The 11 SaaS tools listed below can help businesses close more deals while on live calls, as well as initiate a more sustainable loop of customer satisfaction.

Squaretalk is a popular cloud-based call center platform offering a variety of live customer support-oriented services, including a smart predictive dialer, custom workflow builder, and multi-channel messaging for faster, more efficient customer management. This scalable, powerful communications platform is ideal for growing companies wanting to offer more effective and personalized support. It’s also hugely flexible and seamlessly integrates with a vast number of widely used tools, including Gmail, Salesforce, Monday.com, and Zoho.

Squaretalk is one of the most affordable programs of its kind, priced at $15 to $30 per month for smaller brands and custom plans for enterprises.

Close is a SaaS tool specifically created to help businesses close deals by building strong, lasting relationships with customers.

The platform features a variety of tools, including task management, data analytics, and email campaign sequences. This helps businesses to better understand sales processes as well as how customers are receiving and experiencing key features. It’s an easy-to-use platform that works well for big and small businesses and costs $49 per month.

If your business wants to improve customer retention and drive subscription revenue, ProfitWell is a great tool to invest in. Featuring powerful optimization features and detailed analytics reporting, ProfitWell helps businesses create strategies for customer-centric marketing, and it’s free!

Catalyst is a SaaS tool that helps businesses add more value to customer deals, making it easier to close deals while helping customers with problems they may be facing in real-time. By tracking essential KPIs like churn rate, satisfaction levels, likelihood of repeat business, and customer health, Catalyst makes it easy to expand your customer knowledge and improve customer experiences.

This tool also provides insights into more abstract data, such as sentiment, making it easy to adjust engagement or sales strategies in order to produce the most efficient and value-rich customer interactions possible. Pricing is customized to each business that uses the tool.

The objective of SavvyCal is to assist customers with finding space in your calendar. This tool makes it easy for prospective customers to make bookings and assess availability while providing your team with a calendar management system that streamlines organization and planning.

SavvyCal is easy to customize to your team’s exact needs and comes with comprehensive automation options for simple, effortless scheduling on both ends. This SaaS tool costs just $12 a month.

Churn rate is an extremely important metric to track for any business. ChurnZero is a platform dedicated to keeping churn as low as possible.

By continually measuring customer health and usage, ChurnZero informs businesses about how to best accommodate changing consumer needs for more site traffic and sales. Pricing is only available upon request.

Customers want to be treated like your number one priority, and a tool like EverAfter can help them feel that way. A self-described customer success platform, EverAfter is designed to help brands develop more personalized consumer experiences.

This tool uses lots of customer feedback features that can operate both on live calls and in terms of back-end organization to find out what consumers really want. Pricing per month can be determined after contacting them for a demo.

Every company should have a bird’s eye view of customer satisfaction, loyalty, and overall happiness. That’s precisely the service that CustomerGauge provides.

With impactful visual representations of customer data, CustomerGauge makes it easy to interpret complex data and equip businesses with the information they need to improve customer relationship strategies. The cost of this tool requires a custom quote.

A good deal doesn’t end once it’s closed. A little bit of post-purchase interaction and follow-up is one of the most effective ways to ensure loyalty and repeat business. This is the philosophy and mission of TaskRay. With customer acquisition costing five times more than customer retention and repeat customers spending as much as 67% more, repeat business is a significant boost for bottom lines.

With a clean digital tasklist and powerful customer onboarding tools, TaskRay helps businesses maintain strong relationships with consumers on a long-term basis. It costs $25 per month.

As many as 49% of customers are more likely to make a purchase after receiving a response on social media. This highlights just how important customer support and communication are in the buyer journey. Totango’s mission is to empower businesses to be responsive on multiple platforms and to connect with customers quickly and efficiently.

With a focus on managing productive conversations between customers and brands, Totango measures customer “health” via analytics and identifies opportunities for cross-selling and upselling at every corner. It costs $249 per month.

Finding it hard to predict what customers want or need next? UserIQ can shed some light on the subject. With plenty of visual maps and simple but comprehensive feedback forms, UserIQ can help your business understand customer journeys and make predictions about how to accommodate their needs going forward.

There is a free trial for UserIQ, but customized paid plans are available on request.

SaaS Makes Closing Deals Easier

No matter what size your business is, improving customer experiences and closing every call with a happy consumer is easier when you have the right SaaS tools. Using one or more of the options listed above can help you close more deals more often and retain a loyal customer base.

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