Respectful and reliable customer support

Long-haul aid and solutions

Magen Experts is an Israeli company that helps people needing long-term care and their families exercise their insurance rights. Each month, Magen handles hundreds of new claims.

The company approached Squaretalk for secure and dependable call center software. Magen experts needed a reliable channel to advise and guide clients through every step of the application process, from preparing for the doctor’s visit to building an insurance portfolio and collecting the necessary documentation.

The challenge

Magen needed a quick and efficient migration from the customer relationship software (CRM) they were using that didn’t compromise their data and client confidentiality.

Being in the insurance business, the company has a very specific set of laws and regulations to comply with. Their call center software had to accommodate these requirements.

For Magen it was especially important to have a stable and reliable system that could support multiple experts handling clients at the same time.

Our solution

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