5 Ways SMS Appointment Reminders are Good for Business

SMS Reminders

As most entrepreneurs know all too well, no-shows appointments can really take a toll on service-based businesses. Recent data suggests that clients missing an appointment can go as far as $26000 in losses for small businesses with a $120 000 yearly revenue. These stats have become even more relevant in post-COVID times when no-show rates for some industries have risen to over 27% in the space of a few months.

Thankfully, though, not all the data is bad news. In fact, it has been proven that a simple SMS reminder can bring the number of missed appointments down to only 5% – quite the result for such a cost-effective solution.

There are many reasons to believe mobile technology will continue to play a vital role in business for a long time to come. Besides the ever-growing mobile ownership rate, most users report high levels of interaction with their devices.

Implementing SMS appointment reminder solutions for your business is beneficial in more than one way. Below, we have gathered five:

1. SMS reminders are convenient

The main reason why SMS reminders work is simple: clients like them. This is because text messages are familiar, non-intrusive, and offer the opportunity for rapid response (e.g. confirm/reschedule). Whilst not everyone is available to immediately reply to an email or answer a phone call at all times, SMS communication is by its very nature instant.

2. SMS reminders are personable

Everyone knows that building relationship is a key element to customer loyalty and retention. Text reminders are an effective way of keeping communication open and fostering interaction with your audience. Especially among younger users, offering SMS options can also improve a company’s referral rate.

3. SMS reminders are time-effective

Nobody likes to chase up clients to remind them of their appointments. Besides being a nuisance, this practice is extremely inconvenient and can take up precious time and resources. Automated SMS takes on the burden of sending out reminders so business owners and personnel don’t have to.

SMS reminder

4. SMS reminders are accurate

One of the many advantages of automation is it minimizes the risk of human error. Mistakes happen: a staff member might accidentally double-book, or a client might forget to write down the details of their appointment. With SMS reminders, on the other hand, there is little to no chance for important information to be lost in translation.

5. SMS reminders provide clients with an opportunity to reschedule

Reminding a client of their appointment does not simply reduce their chances of not showing up, it also provides them with the opportunity to reschedule. Including the company’s details in the text can prompt the client to pick up the phone and cancel the appointment or move it if they need to.

SMS appointment reminders are an amazing resource to boost effective communication and user engagement, they are available on just about every phone and with technologies like our Express, they are in the reach of any business.

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