6 Ways Your Business Can Benefit from Text Messaging

SMS for business

Text messaging is possibly the most popular communication method of our times. With 83% of adult Americans owning a cell phone and 93% of consumers considering SMS to be the most trusted communication environment, most companies could not pass on the opportunity to leverage this channel for their operations. Self-actualization being the fuel for success, you might be wondering whether your business can benefit from SMS text messaging services. There is no shortage of reasons why you should give it a go. Below, we have gathered six.

1. It makes reaching your prospect easy

Since so many people around the world are extremely familiar with texting, SMS makes it really easy to get your message out to your customers and prospects. Moreover, text messaging is a basic service that does not need fancy devices or even an internet connection. This removes a lot of obstacles for your outbound communication.

2. It diversifies your offer

Depending on their individual taste and circumstances, people will be more prone toward a specific communication channel. Diversifying your offer is key to connecting with a broader audience and improving your customer journey. Offering your customers the opportunity to easily receive support over SMS can do wonders for loyalty and retention. 

3. It puts your audience at ease

Despite voice communication still being very common, younger generations especially have developed a taste for instant messaging. Being an everyday tool for so many people, SMSs are an easy go-to for customers in need of support. Unlike other channels such as social media threads, text messaging has also the advantage of keeping all interaction with the agent private.

4. It saves money

One of the amazing benefits of text messaging is it is very convenient, especially considering its impact. Many companies grant affordable SMS packages tailored to businesses of all sizes and budgets. This can save your company the hassle of investing in a riskier channel for your marketing operations.

5. It allows for personalization

Mass messaging doesn’t have to equal impersonal communication. Thanks to modern technology, SMS texting for enterprises offers the option of adding first names and collecting customer information such as birthdays and other special occasions. This will let your audience know they are not just a number to you, in turn improving their customer journey.

6. It gets your message out fast

No matter how big your customer base, bulk texting will reach it within minutes. This will save your agents precious time and help you reach your prospects quickly. Furthermore, many services allow you to schedule your SMSs for better timing and personalization.

Even in the ever-changing marketing landscape of recent times, some things are destined to remain the same. SMS text messaging services are the kind of investment guaranteed to stand the test of time.

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