Best Practices for Predictive Dialing

Best practices for predictive dialing

Predictive dialers are becoming increasingly popular tools among contact centers. Brands across all industries are discovering the advantages of a system that optimizes their outbound campaigns by reducing wait times in between calls and maximizing agent productivity and customer engagement.

Below, we have listed some best practices to help you get the most out of your predictive dialers.

Curate your call lists

One of the key elements of a successful outbound marketing campaign is maintaining an updated call list. Lists should be reviewed regularly to avoid unqualified leads. The length of a given list should not exceed agent capacity, but should also not leave your employees with too much free time as this will eventually result in a waste of time and hurt your ROI.

Forward calls to the right agent

Use intelligent routing to make sure that calls are handled by the most appropriate agent. Agents that have the right skills or have already spoken to the customer often achieve much better results. Use this opportunity to build a relationship with your customers and enhance brand reputation

Ensure brand consistency and good CX with call scripts

With dozens of calls every day, agents need clear guidelines on how to interact with customers and prospects. Having a clear script will ensure seamless interactions and support great customer experiences. Preset actions will also help the predictive dialer to estimate the duration of an average call and make better predictions as to when to take the next call.

Maximize algorithm accuracy

In order to conduct a successful outbound campaign, it is important to provide your predictive dialer with enough data. This gives your system the insight necessary to improve timing and avoid making a call before an agent is available to pick it up. You should check with your provider for tips on how to improve algorithm accuracy.

Know your audience and make decisions accordingly

Needless to say, your goal is to reach the highest number of prospects in the most efficient time. To this end, it will help to be crystal clear about your target audience and their habits/needs. This will not only shed a light on the best times to call but also increase the chances of a positive response.

Maintain a neat and productive environment for your agents

Maintaining a distraction-free environment is paramount for productivity. This can be achieved by reducing clutter and alerts on your employees’ desktops. While also providing them with a neat physical workspace it improves focus and concentration. When dealing with remote agents, it is important to support them in creating a quiet and organized space to work from.


There are endless benefits to leveraging predictive dialing technology in your business. Combining advanced predictive dialing software with best practices can benefit your outbound campaigns in ways you have not imagined before.

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