What Is Cloud PBX and 5 Reasons Your Call Center Needs It

Why you need cloud PBX

We have come a long way from the days of the on-premise PBX phone system that required both upfront and recurring infrastructure costs. Not to mention the need for a robust onsite IT infrastructure, the Cloud PBX has certainly raised the bar and made cutting-edge technology more accessible for businesses and call centers.

What is cloud PBX

Cloud PBX (Cloud-based Private Branch Exchange) is an IP-based phone exchange. This system allows users to manage data directly from the cloud through an internet connection. Along with storing information, the service provider is in charge of collecting and re-routing inbound calls to the relevant departments.

Unlike traditional wired networks – which require hardware to be stored on-premise and updated by the business – cloud PBX minimizes installation and maintenance costs. Other benefits of this cloud-based system include boosted efficiency, scalability, heightened disaster recovery, improved voice call quality, and real-time monitoring and analysis reports. Furthermore, cloud-hosted PBX solutions offer elevated levels of security from threats thanks to top-grade firewalls and infrastructure designed to screen incoming calls and prevent breaches.

Many entrepreneurs and COOs contact Squaretalk with questions, like “How to keep track of this KPI?”, or “How do I automate my dialing so we are spending more time talking and closing deals?”

Here is a quick list of reasons why your organization can benefit from moving your communications platform to the cloud.

1. Set up the PBX quickly

Using a hosted PBX phone system without investing extra time and resources, your business can start using the hosted PBX solution without building a customized IT infrastructure. Squaretalk helps configure, customize, and extend your system by providing a user-friendly dashboard and skilled support department to ensure you are on your feet in a fraction of the time.

2. Scale the PBX system on demand

With cloud infrastructure, you can scale in a number of ways – creating additional user accounts and adding new extensions without any additional IT.

You even have the option to streamline corporate communication by monitoring and improving the call-related activities based on the statistical reports provided by the dashboard portal.

3. Maintain phone system reliability and security

The hosted PBX phone systems run on offsite data centers managed by the top cloud communication service providers. By choosing certified and time-tested data centers that are the same network google.com and Amazon use, your company is assured regular maintenance to reduce downtime. To further protect your security, Squaretalk can secure corporate communication by hosting the PBX phone system with security protocols that lock your system to your office and off-site locations.

Many businesses migrate to cloud PBX for a higher level of reliability and redundancy without investing additional resources.

4. Accelerate disaster recovery cloud PBX

Many businesses migrate to cloud-based environments to facilitate and streamline disaster recovery. It can help your organization to continue operating in the event of both natural and man-made disasters.

Further, the hosted PBX phone systems make it easier for your organization to shift or relocate your business without interrupting corporate communication.

5. Shrink your IT Budget

Your business can access your phone system over the internet without building and managing on-premise IT infrastructure. Further, with dialing based on the pay-as-you-use pricing model and phone packages, your dialing expenses can be reduced and limited.

The benefits of Axiom, our cloud PBX solution are both in streamlining operations and in reducing operational costs, by offering innovative features like automated greeting, Agent Availability, Call Monitoring, Analytics, call routing, conference calling without any additional hardware. This solution will help you to optimize your call center, sales teams and support teams for a fraction of the cost of on-premise with the features of much higher priced systems.

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