New Partnership: Squaretalk and Mercatus Outsourcing

We are excited to announce our strategic collaboration with Mercatus Outsourcing, a Bulgarian BPO and IT service and solution provider. 

Revolutionizing Contact Center Services

As one of Squaretalk’s trusted BPO partners, Mercatus will support our clients’ growth and success. Together, the two companies will strive to create new opportunities for businesses across various industries to amplify their market presence, enhance return on investment and secure new customer bases with unparalleled efficiency.

This cooperation is especially beneficial for remote support teams, sales, marketing and IT help departments.

Read what Squaretalk’s CEO Elie Rubin and Trayan Trayanov, Mercatus Founder and CEO, said about the alliance in this press release.

About Mercatus Outsourcing

Mercatus Outsourcing is an international BPO & ITO service provider specializing in tailored outsourcing solutions. The company helps businesses streamline operations, drive growth, and achieve their strategic objectives by developing and implementing both outbound, inbound, sales and marketing strategies.

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