10 Five9 Alternatives to Transform Your Contact Center

Are you breaking away from Five9 or scouting the competition before committing? In either case, doing thorough research is necessary. After all, the only way to make an informed decision is to… well, gather the relevant information.

It’s true that Five9 stands out with reliability and functionality. Its name symbolizes the gold standard of “five nines” (99.999%) uptime – a commitment to exceptional service availability. But it’s not a one-size-fits-all solution.

Whether due to pricing concerns, specific feature requirements or the search for a better user experience, exploring alternatives to Five9 is a vital part of choosing the right contact center software for you. As are comparing use cases, top features and reviews and analyzing exactly what your operation needs.

And we’re here to help you do all that.

But first:

What is Five9?

Five9 is a leading cloud contact center software provider. It streamlines customer service and sales operations across different communication channels.

At the heart of the platform is the unified and intuitive user interface that integrates seamlessly with other business systems, like Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software. This provides a 360 view of the customer, making your agents more efficient and the interaction more personalized and well-timed.

Five9’s features include inbound and outbound calling, Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Computer Telephony Integration (CTI), omnichannel support (email, chat, social media and mobile), advanced analytics and reporting tools.

The cloud-based architecture helps you scale operations up or down based on demand without the costly infrastructure upgrades typical for traditional, on-premises systems.

Five9 is also very committed to security and compliance. The software protects sensitive customer data, following industry standards and international regulations.

Why Look For Five9 Alternatives?

Five9 does offer impressive features and benefits. But no matter how great a technology, what works for one business might not be the perfect fit for another. Especially if it has more niche needs or unique workflows.

Here are some reasons why you might look for Five9 alternatives:

With all that in mind, here’s a bird’s-eye view of some of the best Five9 alternatives:

Free Trial
Free Version
Toll-free numbers





24/7 Phone and Online Support, Knoledge Base

9 CRMs





Live and AI Chat, Call, Email, Knowledge Base


RingCentral logo symbol





Live and AI Chat, Call, Email, Knowledge Base






24/5 Chat and Web Support for the Standard Plan, Online Documentation, Community Forums


Nextiva logo symbol






24/7 Phone, Business Hours Live Chat

Limited by tier

Aircall logo symbol





Chat, Tickets, Knowledge Base






24/7 Phone, Email, Self-Service Portal






Email, Live Chat, Knoledge Base






Live chat, Email, Phone, Ticket system, Knowledge Base






24/7 Live Support, Email, Phone, Knowledge Base




€175/system (10 users)/annually


Tickets, Manuals and Guidelines, Phone, Forums 


Let’s give each of these companies a closer look.

A shocker, for sure. But here’s why we deserve a place on this list:

What Is Squaretalk?

Squaretalk is a leading contact center software provider. Our cloud-based technology is the right solution for both inbound and outbound communication for companies of all sizes and industries. Thr platform is easy to set up, use and manage, all on one screen.

The no-code integration and workflow automation visual studio has a library of 100+ popular business tools, practical templates and unlimited customization options.

With Squaretalk, you can:

  • Personalize customer interactions with easy CRM integration.
  • Increase first-time resolutions and sale rates with intelligent skill-based routing.
  • Improve response time with parallel and conference calls.
  • Handle higher call volumes with IVR.
  • Boost efficiency and customer experience with call queuing and queue callback.
  • Reduce agent burnout with ACD and time-conditional routing.
  • Earn and maintain customer loyalty with excellent overall performance.
  • Increase connection rates with intelligent call targeting.
  • Optimize efficiency with predictive dialing and workflow speed control.
  • Boost the chance to get an answer with localized numbers in 100+ countries.
  • Improve sale rates with smart lead dispatching, warm transfers and real-time monitoring.
  • Combine leads from your PPC and affiliate campaigns or third-party vendors.
  • Ensure consistent sales interactions with dynamic sales scripts.

Who Is Squaretalk Best For?

Squaretalk is ideal for various businesses looking to update and optimize communication. The high degree of customization and scalability helps you respond quickly to market changes or customer demands, adjust costs dynamically to varying call volumes and future-proof your business.

Customer support teams benefit from our advanced call routing, queue management and in-depth analytics that improve first-time resolution rates. You can customize some features, like IVR systems for example, to create an efficient and customer-centric operation.

For sales, marketing research and other outbound campaigns, our AI predictive dialer makes all the difference increasing talk time by up to 400%. You have plenty of advanced campaign-level settings to optimize agent productivity, minimize idle time, automate tasks or set up triggers.

If you have a global operation or want to establish a local presence, Squaretalk offers numbers with 3400+ area codes worldwide.

We also support remote or distributed teams with our cloud-based software and stable connection. This will give you the freedom, flexibility, management oversight and security to work from anywhere.

Why Is Squaretalk a Good Five9 Alternative?

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMB) might prefer Squaretalk due to its competitive fees. Our pricing model gives you more features for your buck if you want to optimize your operations while keeping costs in check.

Squaretalk is known for its user-friendly interface and straightforward setup process. The software is quick to deploy, easily adopted by your team and with a minimal learning curve.

Both Five9 and Squaretalk offer integration with CRM systems and other business tools. However, Squaretalk’s vaster library might align better with your existing tech stack.

The level of support can be a critical deciding factor, especially for businesses that rely heavily on their contact center for day-to-day operations. If this is the case for you, Squaretalk’s customer support and personalized service options might better meet your expectations. 

Depending on the industry or specific operational needs, you might go for Squaretalk’s features and services, like the specialized call routing options, in-depth analytics and advanced outbound call tools.


The Standard plan is $15/user/month annual subscription for a minimum of five users or $25/user/month with a monthly rate.

The Professional plan’s annual subscription is $30/user/month with a minimum of eight users or you can pay $45/user/month.

The Enterprise plan needs consultation with the sales team.

Top Features

  • Integrations
  • Scalable Solutions
  • AI Predictive Dialer
  • In-Depth Analytics
  • Customer Support
  • Advance Call Routing
  • Global Reach and Local Presence
  • Unlimited Call Recording

Squaretalk Ratings

What Is RingCentral?

RingCentral is a cloud contact center and UCaaS (Unified Communication as a Service) provider best known for RingCentral MVP, an omnichannel product for inbound and outbound communication. It combines VoIP, team messaging, SMS and video conferencing for up to 200 participants.

Who Is RingCentral Best For?

Due to its vast functionality, RingCentral is a good solution for a wide range of businesses.

For SMBs looking for cost-effective, scalable communication solutions that can grow with them and don’t require an extensive IT team, RingCentral offers a range of plans that include essential communication tools like voice, video, messaging and fax.

Enterprises that need an all-in-one communications platform like RingCentral’s extensive feature set and integrations with major business apps.

The cloud-based nature and mobile app support are ideal for businesses with remote employees or distributed teams. International numbers, unlimited calling and texting within the US and Canada on all plans and affordable international calling rates make RingCentral great for companies with a global customer base or international operations.

RingCentral’s powerful API helps develop custom integrations and solutions. This is particularly useful for companies with unique operations or those looking to integrate their communication platform deeply with proprietary systems.

Why Is RingCentral a Good Five9 Alternative?

In the battle of RingCentral vs. Five9, the choice often comes down to your specific needs and priorities. Here are several cases where RingCentral might be a better fit for you:

  • Five9 focuses on contact center solutions. If you’re looking for a seamless integration with broader communication tools, RingCentral’s all-in-one approach might be a better choice.
  • For businesses with a global workforce or customer base, RingCentral’s expansive multinational coverage and local numbers in numerous countries can be a significant advantage over Five9.
  • Some businesses might prefer RingCentral over Five9 due to its more user-friendly interface.
  • RingCentral is a bit better suited for businesses with work-from-home or distributed staff. Its mobile and desktop appa ensure employees stay connected and productive, regardless of location.
  • Beyond its contact center features, RingCentral offers extensive teamwork and efficiency tools, like team messaging, file sharing and task management. This could make businesses looking for a platform that supports customer engagement and internal collaboration choose it over Five9.
  • RingCentral’s plans are often based on the features included, making it simpler to pick a plan that fits your needs without paying for unnecessary extras. This is particularly appealing for SMBs or startups that have to carefully manage their budgets.
  • Both Five9 and RingCentral offer robust integrations with popular CRM systems and business tools. However, companies that need deep integration with specific software might find that RingCentral’s ecosystem better suits their needs.


RingCentral’s pricing depends on the number of users and functionalities you get. Outside of call plans, RingCentral offers Video, Events and AI.

The minimum pricing is for 1 to 5 users.

Phone systems:

  • The Core plan will cost you $20/user/month paid annually or $30/user/month.
  • The Advanced plan is $25/user/month annually or $35/user/month.
  • The Ultra plan costs $35/user/month for an annual subscription or $45/user/month.

Contact center:

  • The RingCX powered by RingSense AI plan starts at $65/user/month and has only an annual subscription option.
  • The RingCentral Contact Center Enterprise’s pricing requires consultation.

Top Features

  • High-Quality VoIP
  • Video Conferencing
  • Team Messaging
  • Mobile App
  • CRM Integration
  • Toll-Free Numbers
  • Multi-Level IVR
  • In-Depth Analytics

RingCentral Ratings

What Is Dialpad?

Dialpad is a cloud-based lower-cost UCaaS provider with advanced AI capabilities. It offers phone, chat and video communication. Dialpad has built-in phone systems and also supports desk phones.

Who Is Dialpad Best For?

Dialpad works great for solopreneurs, smaller businesses looking to improve team collaboration or companies that want to use AI for more effective customer connections.

Dialpad is a good option to streamline your communications when you don’t necessarily need a lot of additional features. Dialpad’s  Standard plan has integrations with major productivity suites like Google Workspace, Microsoft 365 and Okta, which is more than enough for some businesses.

Why Is Dialpad a Good Five9 Alternative?

Dialpad, like Five9, offers a comprehensive suite of communication tools, but it focuses on AI for better call quality and actionable insights. Voice Intelligence (Vi) technology provides real-time transcriptions, call summaries and sentiment analysis.

Dialpad also is known for its user-friendly interface and ease of deployment. Companies looking for a quick setup and minimal training for their teams might find Dialpad’s straightforward and intuitive platform better than Five9’s.

In some cases, Dialpad’s pricing structure may be more cost-effective than Five9. Its competitive pricing and comprehensive features included even in its lower-tier plans can provide significant value for companies with strict budgets.

Another advantage is that Dialpad focuses a lot on mobility and support for remote work. Its mobile apps ensure employees stay connected no matter where they are.


Business Communications:

  • The Standard plan starts at $15/user/month for annual subscriptions and $23/user/month for monthly subscriptions.
  • The Professional plan is $25/user/month with an annual subscription or $35/user/month.
  • You have to speak with the sales team to get a quote on the Enterprise plan.

Ai Meetings:

  • A Free plan
  • The Business plan is $15/user/month with an annual subscription of $20/user/month with a monthly subscription.

Ai Contact Center:

  • The Essentials plan starts at $80/user/month billed annually or $90/user/month with a monthly subscription.
  • The Advanced plan is $115/user/month annually or $135/user/month with a monthly subscription.
  • The Premium plan is $150/user/month billed annually or $170/user/month monthly.

Ai Sales Center:

  • The Essentials plan is $60/user/month with an annual subscription or $70/user/month with a monthly one.
  • The Advanced plan is $95/user/month billed annually or $110 billed monthly.
  • The Premium plan is $150/user/month for an annual subscription or $170/user/month for a monthly subscription.

Top Features

  • AI-Powered Communication
  • Call Conferencing
  • Power Dialer
  • IVR/Voice Recognition

Dialpad Ratings

What Is Nextiva?

Nextiva is another UCaaS platform. It’s available as a desktop, browser and iOS or Android mobile app. Known for its flexibility, the company provides integrated solutions for better customer engagement and streamlined operations.

The Business Communication plans provide VoIP, SMS, email, team chat and meetings with up to 25 active video and up to 250 audio participants. Each tier includes a free local or toll-free number, unlimited US and Canada audio calls, video calls and video meetings.

The Contact Center plans give you the choice between cloud-based voice-only, omnichannel, workforce optimization and automation tools.

Who Is Nextiva Best For?

Nextiva helps a wide range of businesses, from SMAs to large enterprises, to combine all internal and external communication channels into one system.

The advanced analytics and customer service features are great for companies with data-based engagement strategies.

Remote and hybrid teams benefit especially from Nextiva’s video conferencing, chat and collaboration rooms,  secure access and mobile app.

Why Is Nextiva a Good Five9 Alternative?

Five9 focuses primarily on contact center solutions with an emphasis on advanced call routing, omnichannel support and agent efficiency tool. Nextiva on the other hand, offers a broader suite of communication services that improve overall business communication and customer engagement.

It’s key points are:

  • Unified communications: Nextiva’s platform integrates voice, video, messaging and customer insights, making it ideal for businesses trying to consolidate their communication tools into a single, cohesive system.
  • Built-in CRM: Unlike Five9, which integrates with third-party apps, Nextiva offers its own built-in CRM system, designed to work seamlessly with its communication tools. This integration provides a unified view of customer interactions across all channels, improving customer engagement and service.
  • Flexibility and ease of use: Nextiva is known for its user-friendly interface and setup, making it a great choice for businesses with limited IT resources.
  • Customer service and reliability: Nextiva has a strong reputation for its 24/7 customer support and an almost perfect uptime guarantee.


Business Communication plans are priced on the number of users, with gradually decreased fees when you add more. You get the best price with 100+ agents:

  • The Essentials plan is $23.95/user/month billed annually or $30.95/user/month for monthly subscriptions.
  • The Professional plan costs $27.95/user/month with an annual subscription or $35.95/user/month with a monthly one.
  • The Enterprise plan starts at $37.95/user/month for annual billing or $45.95/user/month.

You need to consult Nextiva’s team for all Contact Center plans.

Top Features

  • Unified Communications Platform
  • Advanced Call Management
  • Team Collaboration Tools
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Reliability and Security
  • Built-in CRM

Nextiva Ratings

What Is Aircall?

Aircall is a cloud-based platform for voice and SMS communication. It has routing tools, analytics, call monitoring and collaboration features. Aircall provides unlimited inbound, outbound and internal VoIP calling within the US and Canada on local, toll-free, vanity and international numbers in over 100 countries.

Who Is Aircall Best For?

With its seamless CRM integration and focus on complex call handling, Aircall is ideal for customer support and sales teams in small and medium-sized companies that rely on voice communication.

The easy-to-use interface makes it a popular choice for startups and businesses looking to optimize operations without the complexity of traditional telephony systems.

Aircall is also great for personalizing the customer experience, improving team collaboration and streamlining sales processes.

Why Is Aircall a Good Five9 Alternative?

Aircall’s value is in offering an effective mix of ease of use, integration capabilities and scalability.

Aircall’s intuitive interface and easy-to-operate system make it accessible for businesses with limited technical resources or those that prioritize quick deployment. Five9’s software is also user-friendly but is designed for larger, more complex contact centers, which might result in a steeper learning curve.

Businesses looking for a more straightforward integration process with specific third-party apps might find Aircall’s integration library of 100+ business tools more useful. Its API and marketplace make it easier to connect Aircall with your existing tech stack, automate workflow and synchronize data.

Aircall could also be a better alternative than Five9 simply because of its pricing structure. The competitive fees and clear, scalable plans that grow with your business provide a good balance between essential features and affordability.


The Essentials plan has an annual subscription for $30/license with a minimum of three or three licenses for $1080. The monthly rates are $40/license with a minimum of four or $160/4 licenses/month.

The Professional plan is $50/license or three for $1800 with an annual subscription. The monthly subscription starts at $70/license with a minimum of four or $280/4 licenses/month.

The Custom plan, with its 25-license minimum, requires a consultation with the sales team.

Top Features

  • CRM Integration
  • Activity Feed
  • Call Routing
  • Extensive Documentation
  • Shared Call Inbox
  • Task Commenting

Aircall Ratings

What Is Talkdesk?

Talkdesk is a cloud-based contact center software with a wide range of advanced communication tools, including omnichannel. It’s easily scalable and very flexible, helping businesses to tailor the solution to their specific needs. Talkdesk uses AI and machine learning to focus on innovation, analytics and reporting.

Who Is Talkdesk Best For?

Talkdesk is ideal for any business that needs customization in their customer interactions. The cloud-based software gives growing businesses or those with fluctuating call volumes much-needed scalability. It can easily adapt to changes in customer demand or operation size without significant infrastructure changes.

Talkdesk is great for businesses making their first steps into using cloud systems because of its easy deployment and customization. The cloud and consistent service delivery worldwide also work great for remote or distributed teams.

Talkdesk is very efficient in handling and routing high volumes of customer calls. This makes it a good fit for companies in retail, healthcare, finance and telecommunications.

Why Is Talkdesk a Good Five9 Alternative?

Talkdesk is a better fit for you than Five9 if you need:

  • Innovation – with a much bigger focus on AI and machine learning in various aspects of the customer journey, Talkdesk offers features like AI-driven routing, agent assistance and customer sentiment analysis.
  • Ease of setup and user-friendly interface – Five9’s feature-rich platform can be harder to adopt. Businesses in search of a balance between advanced functionality and simplicity might find Talkdesk’s interface more approachable.
  • Broad integration ecosystem – Talkdesk has an extensive marketplace of integrations with other SaaS platforms, particularly CRM systems, helpdesk tickets and eCommerce solutions. This makes it easer to connect with your existing technology stack.
  • Customization – Talkdesk’s emphasis on simplicity, customization and scalability may be more appealing to businesses that prioritize quick adjustments.
  • Analytics and reporting – Talkdesk heavily uses AI in predictive analytics, customer sentiment analysis and real-time insights. The dashboards are more user-friendly and customizable, making it easier for users without extensive technical skills.


The CX Cloud Essentials plan is $75/user/month.

he CX Cloud Elevate plan is $95/user/month.

The CX Cloud Elite plan is $125/user/month.

The Enterprise Cloud packages’ pricing is available after a consultation. 

Top Features

  • Customizable Solutions
  • AI-Driven Insights
  • High Scalability
  • CRM Integrations
  • Knowledge Base Management
  • Analytics and Reporting

Talkdesk Ratings

What Is CloudTalk?

CloudTalk is a highly customizable and intuitive-to-use cloud-based contact center software for customer support and sales teams. It provides local, mobile or toll-free numbers in 140+ countries and integrates with 35+ business intelligence tools.

Who Is CloudTalk Best For?

CloudTalk shines for businesses that embrace flexibility and personalization. With its intelligent call routing, robust integrations, insightful analytics and a strong commitment to enhancing user and agent experiences, CloudTalk is a top choice for customer-focused companies.

The platform has a seamless CRM integration and can help you establish a global presence. This is great for small to medium-sized businesses because it lets them launch and manage customer support or sales channels efficiently, without the burden of heavy hardware investments.

Furthermore, CloudTalk’s mobile app is perfect for remote teams or agents on the go, adding another layer of flexibility and effectiveness.

Why Is CloudTalk a Good Five9 Alternative?

CloudTalk is famous for its ease of use for both administrators setting up the system and end-users interacting with the software daily. As we’ve mentioned on the list so far, Five9’s dashboards can be a bit harder to learn and manage.

CloudTalk’s pricing tears fit different business sizes and needs. In contrast, Five9 might come at a higher cost, especially for companies that need advanced functionalities or a lot of agents.

CloudTalk has specific features for optimizing sales processes, like click-to-call, call tagging and integration with CRM systems. This focus, especially compared with Five9’s broader range of contact center operations, can be a deciding factor for some businesses.


The Starter plan is $25/user/month billed annually.

The Essentials plan is %30/user/month with an annual subscription.

The Expert plan costs $50/user/month annually.

The Custom plan depends on the features you choose.

Top Features

  • Customizable Software
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Smart Call Routing
  • CRM Integration
  • Call Recording and Analytics
  • Local and International Numbers

CloudTalk Ratings

What Is CallHippo?

CallHippo is a cloud-based software focused on improving customer communication and streamlining operations. It offers:

  • A Local or International Phone Number in 70+ Countries
  • Omnichannel Support
  • Call Management Features Like Call Forwarding, Call Recording, Voicemail, On-Hold Music and IVR
  • Sales and Support Optimization With Call Analytics and Queuing
  • Automated Workflows
  • Easy Integration With Popular CRM and Helpdesk Software

Who Is CallHippo Best For?

CallHippo is great for SMEs, startups and companies with remote or distributed teams looking for a flexible, easy-to-delply-and-manage cloud-based phone system.

It’s also a good option for businesses trying to establish and expand their global presence or enter key markets without a physical site.

CallHippo’s platform makes it easy to add new users, numbers and features as your business expands without significant upfront investment or long-term commitments. This is very attractive for companies in need of a quick-to-deploy phone system that can scale with their growth.

High-velocity sales or customer support departments use CallHippo’s call recording, voicemail, call forwarding and analytics, to improve team efficiency and customer satisfaction. The platform’s ability to provide detailed call logs and performance metrics is vital in optimizing dialing strategies and workflows.

Why Is CallHippo a Good Five9 Alternative?

CallHippo’s intuitive interface makes adding users, configuring call flows, or integrating with other software more straightforward and quicker than Five9’s. This flexibility also makes it easier to scale up and down based on your current needs.

CallHippo is also a better option for companies with less complex needs or smaller call volumes that don’t need to use (and pay for) advanced features.

Both CallHippo and Five9 help businesses globalize their operations, but CallHippo’s ease of obtaining and managing international numbers may be more appealing and cost-effective for SMBs. 


The Call Center Solutions plans have a free Basic version. All other annual subscriptions would save you three months cost.

The Bronze plan is $16/user/month with a one-year contract or $20/user/month.

The Silver tier will cost you $24/user/month annually or $30/user billed monthly.

The Platinum plan is $40/user/month/annually or $50/user/month. 

Top Features

  • Global Phone Numbers
  • Detailed Call Analytics
  • IVR System
  • CRM Integration
  • Call Forwarding
  • Call Recording

CallHippo Ratings

What Is NICE?

NICE Systems, often referred to as just NICE, is a global enterprise software provider known for its solutions in analytics, customer experience and cloud contact centers. It offers a suite of under the NICE CXone platform.

NICE gives contact centers omnichannel communication, AI and machine learning, workforce engagement management, automation and strong security and compliance measures.

Who Is NICE Best For?

NICE works particularly well for medium to large enterprises and organizations in different industries that prioritize customer experience and using advanced analytics and AI.

Its extensive features make it a good fit for:

  • Businesses looking for an omnichannel approach to customer service.
  • Companies in highly regulated industries needing a platform with strong security and compliance.
  • Enterprises with a global presence that require a scalable and flexible contact center solution with support for multiple languages and regions.

Why Is NICE a Good Five9 Alternative?

NICE CXone stands out for its advanced analytics, AI and machine learning capabilities.

The platform provides deep insights into customer interactions across multiple channels, so you can optimize your strategies based on real-time insights. For companies that rely on data for better customer interactions and operational efficiency, NICE may be a better solution than Five9, whose AI-driven features focus on intelligent routing and a virtual assistant.

Speaking of analytics, NICE has them deeply integrated with comprehensive workforce management tools. Some businesses may prefer this holistic approach over Five9’s more decentralized features.

NICE’s emphasis on customizable analytics and AI-driven solutions also offers a more compelling option for organizations that need a high degree of personalization and adaptability in their operations.

Both NICE and Five9 have strong omnichannel capabilities but NICE also incorporates AI to create enhanced customer journeys and engagement.

Organizations in industries with particularly rigorous requirements, like finance, healthcare and the government sector, will appreciate NICE’s extensive security and regulatory compliance, safety features and certificates.


The Digital agent plan is $71/month.

The Voice agent plans costs $94/month.

The Omnichannel plan is $110/month.

Top Features

  • Omnichannel Routing
  • Analytics and AI
  • Workforce Engagement Management
  • Automation
  • Self-Service
  • Security and Compliance

NICE Ratings

What Is 3CX?

3CX is a software-based private branch exchange (PBX) system with comprehensive communication tools. Unlike traditional PBX systems that require dedicated hardware, 3CX is designed to run on Windows, Linux and in cloud environments, making it a flexible and cost-effective solution.

Its capabilities extend beyond basic call handling to include a wide range of unified communications features, like voice and video calls, omnichannel services, web conferencing, live chat, integration with CRM an other business tools, mobile and desktop apps and more.

Who Is 3CX Best For?

  • Small to medium-sized businesses seeking a cost-effective, versatile communication system that can easily scale as they grow.
  • Organizations looking for a solution that combines voice, video and digital channels in one platform.
  • Companies that prioritize flexibility and need a system that can be deployed on-premises, in the cloud or as a hybrid solution.

Why Is 3CX a Good Five9 Alternative?

With its flexible licensing model and the option to choose your own SIP trunk provider, 3CX can be a more cost-effective solution than Five9 for SMBs, startups, and organizations with tight budgets.

Both 3CX and Five9 offer powerful CRM integrations for seamless customer interactions and efficient data management. However, 3CX has a wider number and variety of integrations beyond customer service tools.

Five9 focuses primarily on contact center solutions, while 3CX shines with a comprehensive suite of unified communications features, including VoIP calls, video conferencing, instant messaging and CRM integrations. This makes it an excellent choice for businesses looking for an all-in-one communication platform that supports both external interactions and internal collaboration.

Businesses looking for on-premises or hybrid deployment options might find 3CX’s flexibility more suited to their security, control or compliance requirements. 3CX also offers the choice between on-premises, private cloud, public cloud or partner-hosted solutions, which Five9 doesn’t have.


3CX has a free tier.

The Small Business plan is €175/system/annually for 10 users.

The Professional plan starts at €145/system/year for 10 users and 4 simultaneous calls.

The Enterprise tier is €185/system/year for 10 users and 4 simultaneous calls. 

The hosting option for both the Professional and Enterprise plan is an additional €150.

Top Features

  • Unified Communications
  • WebRTC-Based Conferencing
  • CRM Integration
  • Mobile Apps
  • Flexible Deployment Options
  • Licensing Model

3CX Ratings

Final Words

Picking the right contact center software can have the same impact on your operations as choosing a new team member. In both cases, you need a solution that improves your work rather than complicates it, adding features that complement and build on those you already have.

And just like with hiring an employee, before you commit to a new contact center platform you should consider not just its current abilities, but also the potential to grow alongside your business.

Whether it’s

  • the seamless integration capabilities of Squaretalk
  • the all-encompassing unified communications suite of RingCentral
  • the innovative VoIP solutions of Dialpad
  • the robust unified communications features of Nextiva
  • the streamlined simplicity of Aircall
  • the AI-driven insights of Talkdesk
  • the budget-friendly scalability of CloudTalk
  • the intuitive and SME-focused functionalities of CallHippo
  • the advanced analytics and comprehensive workforce optimization tools of NICE
  • or the customizable expanses of 3CX

each Five9 alternative brings its own unique strengths to the table. It’s up to you to decide which fit your business needs the best.

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